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We are a limited company with a large, diverse network of specialists and experts from many different law enforcement fields. Specialising in intelligence analysis, we will also consider other projects which we may be able to assist with. Our skills are to bring solutions to complex problems, from large public inquiries and small bespoke investigations to training organisations and specific roles within intelligence analysis.

We have worked with numerous companies in the United Kingdom and multinational organisations from around the world. We strive to provide solutions to law enforcement training and problems. The following partners and customers are testimony to our efforts:

Barrie Davies – Retired Detective Chief Inspector (West Midlands Police, National Policing Improvements Agency):

I managed a specialist department in Centrex, now the National Policing Improvements Agency, where Ammi and the team developed intelligence and analysis training programmes. These very successful courses were developed to a high standard and continue to be delivered to forces in the United Kingdom. Ammi was at the forefront of development and delivery. We have continued our professional relationship and have provided specialist training in sensitive law enforcement intelligence techniques. I thoroughly recommend the training services of Analysis and Intelligence Solutions Limited without reservation, they have been professional, focused and dedicated.

Robert Ayling (QPM) MA(Oxon) - Retired Chief Officer, Kent Police:

" I have worked with Ammi Virk, the Director of Analysis and Intelligence, on a large and complex Public Inquiry based in Northern Ireland. Ammi provided the intelligence analysis consultancy which supported and added value within a team of highly experienced Senior Investigators. He was able to provide crucial analytical products and advice which was used throughout the Inquiry and including the courtroom process. His disciplined and professional approach was an invaluable aid to problem solving and in interpreting an immensely complex body of information and data. The services provided were consistently of a high standard, focused and above all vital for me in my role as  the Head of the Investigation and Review Team. I would highly recommend the consultancy service to any investigation or project which requires analytical input."

Andy Felton - Principal Coffey International:

"We have worked and are working hard with analysis and Intelligence Solutions on a number of projects. We appreciate the skills, expertise and ideas they bring to the projects, I do not hesitate is recommending their services."

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