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We are a limited company with an ambitious vision for our business and for the analysis profession as a whole. As a business we want to become an established specialist training provider to a wider range of customers, establishing an output for our range of training specialists to share their experience and knowledge, enhancing the output of intelligence analysis around the world. We also want to ensure that our forward thinking and progressive ideas become feasible, planned and implemented.

We will continue to develop the professionalisation of intelligence analysis through an academic route, whilst also assisting in developing the soft skills of our practitioners. Through our existing courses and the development of others cores skills based learning projects we hope to improve the efficacy and results of intelligence analysis products.

Our vision extends to other law enforcement areas which we will try assist either through direct consultancy or through the delivery of training. We are in discussion and in the development process of partnering with specialists in law enforcement areas such as covert policing and forensic examination of telecoms.

In short, we want to help law enforcement in the United Kingdom and around the world to improve or use intelligence analysis effectively. We also want to establish new ideas and ensure that positive progress is possible. So, if you have an idea and want to see whether it is feasible contact us and we will try our hardest to help you realise the idea into becoming a reality.

Our future objectives are to:

  • Help complex public inquiries by using our experienced intelligence analysts to aid decision making
  • Working with various chambers to establish a link between intelligence analysis and the judiciary
  • Organising conferences with existing partners to international bodies who may require intelligence analysis or need to know more

In association with:

skills for justice