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We have provided a wide range of consultancy to various sized organisations, from intelligence analysis for the Rosemary Nelson Public Inquiry to professionalising investigations for the Samoan Police Service. Our range of specialists and network of contacts are highly trained and experienced practitioners, they have provided the best support possible resulting in exemplary feedback. We strive to achieve the demands of our customers and endeavour to provide the dynamic can-do approach required by the evolving needs of our clients.

Our skills are to manage the projects and identify feasible, effective and achievable solutions. We have considerable experience of operational, tactical and strategic solutions, especially in policing, which makes no project is too big or too small. Our practitioners are able to use the latest in investigative methods and practices, together with the most appropriate technical IT skills including mapping, visualisation and databases. Vitally they are fully conversant in getting the most from open and closed data sources either electronically or from physical material.


We are implementing an evolution in law enforcement training by linking our courses so they provide a holistic training solution and adapting each course to support your needs and business outputs. We will tailor the courses to be directly aimed at improving the skills and abilities of your assets . We develop courses which are based upon realistic scenarios thereby ensuring that theory is understood in a practical adult learning environment. Our courses have been endorsed by Coventry University and are directly linked to the Intelligence Analysis Post Graduate qualification which adds value to the students and participating organtisations. Read below for more details:

Stage 1 Analysis Course

This course provides the basic training required for new recruits to complete effective analysis. The course details the basic principles of the NIM, the role of the analyst and practical advice including practical use of the ten nationally defined and recognised analytical techniques, within a complex scenario which is delivered throughout the course. The course duration is two weeks and is either residential or available directly to the client on site.

Stage 2 Analysis Course

This course is for analysts with some experience; the course reinforces the learning from Stage 1 and builds upon this with an examination of advanced tactical and strategic analysis. This course has been recognised by Coventry University and is fully quality assured. Students who complete this course will improve their operational skills and be able to develop sophisticated solutions to law enforcement problems. The course operates over a one week period and is available either residential or directly to the customer on site.

Stage 3 Analysis Course

This course examines the use and identification of sensitive policing techniques and intelligence data. The course is aimed at experienced analysts who have completed the Stage 2 training course and are producing advanced analysis which may be used for evidential purposes. The course is endorsed by Coventry University and upon completion of the course the students have an option to complete an assessed piece of work which is worth ten credits towards the post graduate qualification. The course operates over a five day period and is available either residential or directly to the customer on site.


All of our courses receive full quality assurance feedback and are reviewed by specialists to ensure they are current and fit for purpose. The courses are also developed with the customer in mind and each can be tailored to particular specialisms. We are also able to develop other specialist courses in a wide range of law enforcement areas.

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